we create transport systems that include network design, economic modeling, staff training, consultations with local experts, and maintenance for the entire contract duration

Service and warranty

Life cycle contract

We have created the service to help develop and support the use of commercial electric vehicles.

For large companies whose electric vehicle fleet consists of more than
 500 units of equipment, the most profitable solution is a life cycle contract. In this case, you do not need to worry about periodic maintenance, organization of repairs, etc. Representatives of the service department are on the territory of your park around the clock.

24 hours

we support all our clients online every day

15 years technical support

based on the rolling stock life cycle contract

Instant operator assistance

The service device is the DEPortal online system, which provides round —
the‑clock technical support on issues of operation, periodic maintenance
or troubleshooting.

The service history of machines is never lost — all data is stored in the company's automated cloud system indefinitely.
for drivers

for drivers

The DEPortal mobile application is the main means of communication used by drivers when they have questions about operation or there is a malfunction on the way
for engineers

for engineers
and managers

The desktop version of the application is used by service engineers of operating organizations, as well as managers of operating organizations — to evaluate statistical data.

Service centers

In each city of operation there are representatives of Drive Electro, who can quickly (within one day) come and help if the problem could not be solved through an online service.