the battery continuously calculates the maximum allowable charge/discharge current for external VCU control.
the battery includes all necessary functionality (BMS, contactors, fuses, current sensor, precharge system) and can be used independently or in parallel with up to 8 similar batteries.
it comes with its own BMS featuring monitoring functions for voltage, temperature, current, contactor performance, on-board network voltage, and current balance.
the battery features lithium titanate cells with:
1. Wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +50°C
2. Over 20,000 operating cycles with 80-85% residual capacity
3. Capacity to charge/discharge at currents up to 8C without capacity loss.
The battery has an isolated liquid thermal control system for efficient cooling and heating, with an electric heating option from a 24V network.
the battery includes an integrated fire extinguishing system that consumes oxygen inside the housing to prevent fire spread.
a diagnostic unit records all parameters, including total energy input and output, allowing degradation assessment at any time. All diagnostic data is sent to the data bus in real-time.

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our technology can be placed on the basis of chassis, which any vehicle body can be used


we provide our vehicles with access to charging station infrastructure and guarantee support throughout their entire service life

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are connected to an industrial three-phase AC network
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we have created a service department to help develop and support the use of commercial electric vehicles