Our key competence is the development of a "power filling" for commercial electric vehicles.



Founding of the Drive Electro

The predecessor of the company is SPICI Ltd, a Russian company founded in 2013.


Trolleybuses Go Off-Wire

From 2014 to the present, we have built and serviced more than 30 trolleybuses with battery autonomy ranges in Tula, Grodno, and St. Petersburg.


Electric Buses on the Go

Since 2016, Drive Electro's electric buses have been tested on several public transportation routes in Moscow. Signing long-term contracts with green transportation manufacturers is the best way for transportation companies to save money.

Bicycles Also Go Electric

In September 2016, the first electric bikes for rent appeared in Moscow. They charge in 20 minutes, can cover 18 km on electric power, and reach speeds of up to 20 km/h. To enable this, Drive Electro equipped 150 regular bikes and designed the entire charging infrastructure for them. If the experiment proves successful, several hundred more e-bikes like these will be introduced in Moscow.


Leading the EV Revolution in Europe

By 2020, it had sold more than 600 powertrains for electric buses, becoming the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in the CIS and operating the largest e-bus fleet in Europe.


New Swiss Headquarters

In November 2021, Dr. Sergey Ivanov who was president and the owner of Drive Electro sold off completely Russian business. He decided to establish Drive Electro’s headquarter in Switzerland for global expansion excluding Russia.


Drive Electro's Global Integration

Drive Electro has become a globally integrated company with a factory in Serbia.


New Factory in Serbia and Global Plans

We've established a factory in Serbia with an area of 4644 square meters. This facility enables us to produce up to 2000 vehicles annually. Additionally, in 2023, we've expanded our operations with the opened of new facilities in the United Arab Emirates, and Japan.


Drive Electro electric truck with gross weight of 18 tons with a charging station was handed over in test operation in one of the largest food retailers - MAGNIT. During for 12 months, the electric truck successfully delivered products from Magnit's own distribution centre to the chain's shops
Russian Post
Drive Electro electric truck with gross weight of 9.5 tons successfully passed a test operation at the international retailer Russian Post. The electric truck delivered goods from one of the construction chain's shops to customers' addresses.
Garbage Trucks
The 1.3 ton Drive Electro garbage truck was put into test operation by waste management companies to evaluate the ease and efficiency of operating an electric vehicle in an urban environment
Moscow Buses
Drive Electro has experience with more than 600 EV buses. It is a major European manufacturer of batteries for electric buses with a strong track record and an established maintenance organization.


Sergey Ivanov
Chief Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Nakagawa
Drive Electro Technology K.K Japan Co Managing Director
Alexei Kozlov
Chief Technology Officer
Alexander Safronov
Chief Quality Officer